Machinery revamping is the method that aims to regenerate or modernize machined and equipment and update their functions. With the use of revamping old machines have the opportunity to become new working machines again. Through a significant type of modification with the use of technology in digitalization, scientists and engineers can bring old machines back to life. Machines that could be more than 20 or even 30 years old are now being reused once again. 

Technology is evolving rapidly so machinery revamping is required for the industry in order to follow the procedures and meet the customers’ needs with more quality. 

Benefits of the Machinery Revamping

There are various benefits by revamping machines that related with the economy, society, and the environment. 

Social benefits:

  • Automation of Production Processes
  • Better Performance
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Better Workplace Environments
  • Educational Opportunities

Economic benefits:

  • Update of the software and/or hardware
  • Increase in productivity
  • Variety of goods
  • Increased efficiency of the worker
  • Create employment opportunities

Environmental benefits:

  • Develop more resource-efficient machinery
  • Apply a circular economy mindset when designing products to improve reuse and recycling
  • Incorporate innovative technologies, such as 3D printing
  • Develop and implement improved processes
  • Increase energy efficiency in industrial manufacturing plants introducing new components or adapting the obsoletes ones by others more energetical efficient.
What is Machinery Revamping?
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