Welcome to REFITTING MACHINE project!

In line with the most advanced processes in the world of makers, Arduino, 3D printers, digital manufacturing, and 4.0 industry, the Refitting Machine project aims to provide high-quality digital skills, and to encourage entry or return to the world of work. While the labor market is constantly evolving, the skills and qualifications required change over time. In order to face change, we need to be equipped with different skills. Project partnership has identified a specific field of intervention: the recovery of obsolete machinery through Arduino.

Training material for teachers, trainers, adult educators

Addressing the knowledge and skills needed to modernize existing machineries

Experts Programme Toolkit

Identification and diagnosis of the needed competencies

Obtain your standardized competency profile to define the competency gap and individual training path, improvise the diagnosed gaps and match them with the training materials

ICT Tool for Competence Assessment

All training materials and tools of the RF training programme

Learn while playing about the recovery of obsolete machines through Arduino

Gamified e-Learning Platform