Every year, SCIENTIXT organizes annual campaigns focusing in stem education. This year, the 2021 STEP Discovery Campaign paid tribute to the work done in order to improve STEM education in Europe, with a variety of activities focusing on sustainability and citizenship.

This international initiative gathers various institutions – like schools, universities, libraries, and other organizations – from across Europe, to celebrate studies and activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics.

The 2021 campaign focused on topics of sustainability and citizenship, through various activities between February and April.

To participate in the campaign, stakeholders, teachers, and academics were encouraged to organize activities aiming to increase students’ awareness about sustainability and citizenship, highlighting their learning needs, while celebrating the ongoing commitment in science education and literacy.

Participants could organize all sorts of activities, including the implementation of webinars, quizzes, and debates, the participation in online events, the creation of online courses, and the participation in STEM competitions. 
Several of the online meetings and trainings organized under the framework of the campaign are freely available on YouTube. 

Resource: http://www.scientix.eu/events/campaigns

STEM Discovery Campaign 2021

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