The labor market is constantly evolving. The skills and qualifications required change over time. In​ ​order to face the change, we need to be equipped with different skills.Europe’s digital transformation will see an acceleration with the rapid development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and blockchain (“chain of​ ​blocks”). Digitization affects the way people live, interact, study and work. In addition, 90% of jobs require a certain level of digital skills.

In line with the most advanced processes in the world of makers, Arduino, 3D printers, digital manufacturing, and 4.0 industry, the Refitting Machine project aims to provide high-quality digital skills, and to encourage entry or return to the world of work. Project partnership has identified a specific field of intervention: the recovery of obsolete machinery through Arduino. 

During the 2 years of project development, 3 main outcomes will be developed:

Experts Programme Toolkit: training material that provides teachers, trainers and adult educators high quality knowledge and skills needed to modernize existing machineries in order to make them “smart” and more adapted to the nowadays requirements of the manufacturing industry.

ICT Tool for Competence Assessment (incl. User’s guide of the ICT tool): the ICT tool for Competence Assessment will evaluate the knowledge and starting skills, as well as will help the users identify their needs to be addressed in order to provide them with useful skills so that they can enter the world of work.

Gamified e-learning Platform: an open education digital platform for the provision of the training material developed throughout the project.