After two years of project implementation, our project will be finally completed this month! 

We worked hard to produce high quality materials and provide the best possible education for our target audiences. In total, we have developed three different project results, to help individuals increase their skills and knowledge in the STEM fields, technology, Arduino, and machinery revamping:

  1. Experts Programme Toolkit

The Toolkit comprises of 8 different educational modules, as well as additional learning material and case studies, focusing in STEM education, machinery revamping, 3D design, open software and open hardware. 

It aims to provide high-quality knowledge and skills needed to modernize existing machinery, so as to make them “smart” and adjusted to the latest digital requirements of the modern manufacturing industry.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, the modules also include various resources, links to educational videos and tutorials and bibliography.

The complete Toolkit is available in the Gamified e-Learning Platform. 

  • ICT Tool for Competence Assessment

The aim of the ICT Tool is to diagnose and measure the starting skills and knowledge of users regarding the educational thematic areas of the project. In order to do this, users need to complete a self-evaluation test, which includes various competency statements that correspond to the 8 educational modules of the Experts Programme Toolkit.

Once the test is completed, the Tool automatically generates a profile report, indicating the competency gaps of each user and suggesting an individual training path for further improvement and enhancement of their skills.

The Tool is now available in all languages – English, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Romanian – and can be accessed here:

  • Gamified e-Learning Platform

Our last developed result is an open-access platform which hosts all the educational and training materials of the project, in the form of a game. 

Upon registration, users can go into the platform, read all the modules, and answer the questions of different scenarios appearing after reading the material. Based on their answers, users gain certain “points” and 

The platform is fully developed in all partners’ languages – English, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Romanian – and is available here:

Our project in numbers

  • 3 project results
  • 6 participating organizations
  • 16 participants involved in the short-term staff training event
  • 300+ participants involved in the awareness-raising and dissemination events
  • 1000+ individuals reached through social media

Final Events

Within the past two months, all partners have implemented a series of events to disseminate the project results and further promote the aims and objectives of the Refitting Machine project. 

At least one event was implemented in each country, with the participation of young people, individuals wishing to learn more about STEM education, and other relevant stakeholders. The participants had the opportunity to explore the project results, engage in conversations and open discussions about Refitting Machine, and the potential of Arduino and machinery revamping. 

Here are some photos of the events that took place:

Lastly, the Final Conference of the project took place on November 10th in Albacete (Spain), where all partners participated and presented the project and its results. The Conference was combined with the final partners’ meeting, where we discussed the remaining issues for the project’s completion before saying our goodbyes!

Keep in touch!

Even if our project ends, the results will remain available for free use. For any questions and further guidance, please contact us here.

The Refitting Machine team. 

Refitting Machine: Wrapping up!

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