Machinery revamping has gained momentum in the last decades due to the increasing environmental concerns and rapid technology evolution. Due to the constant technological innovations, machines are rendered obsolete faster than ever. 

Machineries are expensive pieces of equipment and integral parts of any business or factory. For this reason, competitive companies need to make sure that their equipment is up to date with industry standards or their competition. But, because buying new machines is not always financially viable, many businesses resort to machinery revamping or other custom-made solutions. This is a cheap and environmentally friendly way to extend the product lifespan of older machines and repurpose them to fit the business needs.

This article will explore the machinery revamping and business application opportunities Arduino has to offer. In case that you want to increase your knowledge on Arduino, you can have a look also at this article, posted in our project’s website.  

Business and Machinery Revamping Applications of Arduino 

Arduino may not be the best choice for heavy-duty work, but it can still have various applications around a shop or factory. 

Flexibility and Support

As Arduino can do pretty much anything technologically possible, companies can use it to solve on-site challenges. From simple inconveniences to workflow deficiencies, you can use Arduino to invent solutions to make your life easier. If you are out of ideas or need some help with your project, Arduino has an active community of developers in online forums that you can ask for help or seek inspiration from. 


Another advantage of Arduino is that it can help tech startups create in-house prototypes that will later serve as the foundation for mass production. This is a much faster way of tinkering around and experimenting with ideas than dealing with overseas manufacturers. Arduino allows the quicker delivery of prototypes, in which case time is of the essence.

Remote Resource Monitoring

Additional operations that Arduino can perform effectively in machinery revamping is remote resource monitoring. With the creation of Arduino based electronic devices, businesses can record and transmit resource data like power usage, temperature, fan speeds, and other valuable information that have become mainstream in modern machines.   

Task Automation

Arduino could be the answer to easy physical repetitive tasks inside a business. If you have a warehouse that workers often carry packages around, you could build a robot to carry that load around from point A to B. This will reduce their daily workload and allow them to deal with other tasks.

Build your own Security and Scanning Devices

If you do not trust third party technology for your business’ safety, Arduino allows you to build your own security and scanning devices. With the support of various scanning sensors like RFID and biometric verification, you have endless opportunities to create your custom security systems. Additionally, you can add an extra layer of security to your existing surveillance system by using Arduino to control your security cameras remotely. 

5 Business and Machinery Revamping Applications with Arduino

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