The work for the REFITTING MACHINE project by all partners is proceeding mainly focusing on the development of the Expert Program Toolkit which in May will see its first version by LUDOR ENGINEERING with the contribution of all partners.

Each partner, based on their area of competence, contributed to the implementation of a section that will make up the toolkit, while all the partners have engaged in the search for two case studies in relation to the success of the modernization of old machinery.

The Expert toolkit will include different topics from design and Engineering of simple parts needed for machinery revamping, 3D printing, open source hardware and software relevant for machinery revamping; to the economic, social and environmental benefits of machinery revamping. The innovative aspects of this Toolkit are related with the fact that it is designed based on the open source phenomenon and makers movement considered as tools for increasing the sustainability, both in environmental and social terms, through extending the lifecycle of countless machinery used in various workshops around Europe.

Stay tuned and follow us on our new website…we will have soon more news!

Case studies collected
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